"Let your  light so  shine before  men so  that others  seeing   your good works may give glory to your Father in heaven"
Matthew 5:16

Our Counsellors are available both on phone and in person by appointment. For appointments contact Christina Lobo at 09619948199 and 02266960688.

Our counsellors aim in assisting the counsellee to know and understand his true worth and identity as a human being.

Counselling services available every Tuesday from 10am – 1pm.
Other days by appointment only.

Counselling Location - Mini Hall, St Peter's Church, Hill road, Bandra (West), Mumbai 400050.

Brokenness - Whether child or adult, single/married or divorced, rich or poor, irrespective of caste and creed – many experience brokenness and depression.

Stress  - Brought upon by pressures of work, job insecurity, inflation, poverty and above all - unwholesome and broken relationships - leads to poor self worth, addictive patterns of behaviour, ill health, lack of hope, despair and at times - suicidal tendencies.

Our team of dedicated counsellers help ease the pain that clouds the vision that life IS worth living. The team's main strength is their rich field experience, dedication and compassion.

They provide:

  • Hope where there seems to be none
  • Peace which is often elusive
  • Love - which was lost somewhere along the way


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