"Let your  light so  shine before  men so  that others  seeing   your good works may give glory to your Father in heaven"
Matthew 5:16

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Inner Healing Retreats

At these retreats we proclaim the Christian message of forgiveness as the key to healing and restoration of self worth. This involves:

  • A process of introspection to become aware of one's woundedness namely physical, sexual, emotional & mental in early life.
  • The need to forgive all those responsible for inflicting hurt and brokenness.
  • The need to take responsibility likewise for wounds inflicted upon others, through a repentance for sin and making amends.

This results in greater peace of mind, physical health, more loving relationships, unity in families and greater peace in the community.

If you have experienced healing at our retreats and wish to submit your testimony then mail us at contactus@touchonelife.co.in

  • Inner Healing is a journey, not a destination… READ MORE

    Over the years I have attended retreats. Each retreat has helped my spirituality at that particular time in my life. But, I can say with great confidence that No retreat has impacted me as much as this Inner Healing Retreat has.

    Being a Psychology student myself I was very impressed with the approach that the team was taking for inner healing - it had a scientific base. But science has its limitations; it does not have all the answers, nor can it go where God can. The inclusion of God into the inner healing process makes this approach perfect. The unison of the above 2 methods is very evident in the 5 step Forgiveness Therapy.

    The 5 step forgiveness therapy as a Psycho-spiritual exercise is really amazing. The aspect of bringing God into every hurtful memory is awesome, because HE is the perfect Healer. Imagining HIM coming into my home, loving and holding me after, and in the final step filling the void left within by my bitterness and unforgiveness, with his love and peace is the greatest cure one can ever hope for. Again, coming from a Psychology background, I understood Psychosomatic Problems – how issues in our mind affect our body. For the 5-6 months leading up to the retreat, I would have severe headaches almost every evening. But, after doing the forgiveness therapy with some individuals the pain stopped a couple of months ago. Even some fears, like fear of horror films, fear of failure, fear of not being accepted, have all gone. Same with my insecurities, which would make me cling on to relationships, power, etc. My anger in me has come down to a great extent. While I forgave people I saw changes in my personality. There were clear changes in the way I was dealing with people I had done the forgiveness therapy with, vs. those whom I had not done it with. I experienced the power of God in that before the forgiveness sessions, I could not sit in prayer for more than 5 minutes; I was healed of a personal sinful habit and I was able to do a spiritual fast.

    The form that we were asked to fill before counselling revealed things that affected me, which I had never ever imagined. But to help and guide to make sense of what I was experiencing, which areas I needed to specially focus on and the direction that I needed to head in were the team of counsellors. Another area that sets this retreat apart from others is the team. They are humble, prayerful and dedicated. While most people conducting a retreat often say that a Retreat is not an end in itself, I have not known anyone else with a selfless and structured effort to let participants meet up with their counsellors (Spiritual Mentors as I would like to call them).

    Inner Healing is a journey, not a destination. It is a journey I invite and recommend each of you to take….Oswin

    For giving of yourselves so fully and freely. The matter brought out precisely and with clarity. The patience, understanding and warmth of your approachability. Your humility, simplicity, gentle smile shines through, winning us over. The humor to lighten burdened hearts. Listening heart, gentle approach, your shoulder is wide and strong. The testimonies and stories well connected to the topic……….Veena

  • I had made Self-Pity my spirituality… READ MORE

    I have been very insecure, a procrastinator and perfectionist, judgmental, self-conscious, feeling inferior, unable to trust, unable to make decisions, low self image, prone to self-pity. On the first day of the retreat it was pointed out that self-pity was wrong, selfish, and would not help anyone in any way. I immediately realized that this fully applied to me. I had made self-pity my spirituality and then and there I resolved to give up this false spirituality. This decision I believe threw open the gates for me to look into my past, objectively, not in an attitude of blaming anyone but taking full responsibility for what I have done and what I have become.

    Most of my fears, feelings of rejections, inferiority, unable to trust; were rooted in my relationship with my father. My father had suffered from mental illness. This came to light very early in his marriage with my mother. My dad lost his job because of his illness when I was in the 1st. standard (around 5yrs). Thus due to family circumstances I was unable to receive the love of my parents. I resented Mum for not being able to provide the love I needed. Poverty and the stigma attached to dad's mental illness led to great feeling of shame in the neighborhood.

    The moment I did the forgiveness therapy for the childhood wounds with my mom and dad, I knew I had made a major break-through. Forgiveness towards my sister followed. She had been like a mother to me but my self- image was further ruined as I felt she was never proud of me no matter what I did. Others followed.

    Finally, owing to dad's illness we had got involved with the occult to find a cure for dad and bring peace in the family. But in doing so things only got worse, because we had abandoned the God of love, and had thrown ourselves open to the world of darkness. I was lead to renounce Satan and all that He offered through the occult. Freedom, healing and peace is coming slowly YET surely in my life and that of my family and loved ones…..Baldwin

  • Two days later I realized that my back pain had completely gone... READ MORE

    When I quit my job in October 05, my boss who was also a friend was extremely upset and began behaving rudely towards me. Whenever anything did not go as planned it was assumed that I was purposely jeopardizing work. I was unable to retaliate and suppressed the hurt. When I finally left, she insisted that we should never keep in touch and this was the end.

    Two days after I quit, I developed a back pain and could find no medical reason for it. Thoughts of my Ex boss haunted me and I would wish I had given it back to her instead of keeping silent. I made the retreat and did the Inner Healing therapy. Soon those thoughts vanished.

    I had to visit my office on work but dreaded meeting the ex boss. I planned to zoom in and out. I prayed and hoped and attempted in every way to avoid her but as luck would have it I got caught chatting with an ex colleague when someone tapped me from the back. It was her. She seemed happy to see me and it seemed like we never had had any differences. She had heard I was in the office and left her cabin to meet me which was something I least expected. We spent 1 hour chatting and catching up not mentioning the differences we had had earlier. Two days later I realized that my back pain had completely gone …..Elizabeth

  • As usual I too was expecting a boy... READ MORE

    1) Rejection: I happened to ask my mom whether she was expecting a boy or a girl? She said as usual I too was expecting a boy. It was something strange that happened to me during the inner healing session when we were taken back to our time of birth. What a touching scene that was. After being born, I actually saw myself being cuddled by my Savior. He then handed me over into my mothers arms, telling her how precious I am. Thus I had to forgive my mother for the same. I had a tough time during my menses, I would always feel uneasy, uncomfortable and wished God made me a boy for those 3-4 days. I would never find it easy even to go out to work or any outing. I always wanted to stay back at home, but after the retreat and the forgiveness therapies, I realized that it was rejection which caused this uneasiness.

    2) Acceptance: I am the eldest child (Daughter) in my fly, followed by 3 sisters. Since childhood I was compared with my siblings either look wise, talent wise, performance wise etc. It created a feeling of insecurity within me. When anyone expresses care or concern I doubt their genuineness. This negative feeling of un-acceptance immersed so deep within me that even I too started comparing myself with the beauty of other girls around me. After counseling I was enabled to forgive and realize that God is our creator and that we are created in his own image and likeness. This retreat has enabled me to overcome my shyness and timidity as well. I was always afraid to speak out but now with boldness and courage am able to face any situation.

    3) Anger/Unforgiveness: Earlier I was a very arrogant person, I could never forgive anyone easily especially outsiders. There were times when I was angry with someone I never spoke for days together. But with the help of my saviour I can calm down and overcome my anger.

    4) Fear: I am afraid of places, the dark, staying alone. When I was 6-7 years old I had to stay with my Aunt because of school as mum had conceived again and was at her Mother's place. Since I had afternoon school she would lock me inside the house and go to reach her kids. But what scared me most was the emptiness of the home. She would come after an hour or so, and till then I would be waiting, not even moving from one place. I would study with my tear-filled eyes fixed in the book. I again had to forgive my aunt for the same and accepted the fact that she too had to make the necessary adjustments for her family……Frances

  • I never experienced love from my father; because of the very big age gap… READ MORE

    I had reached a stage in my life where I could not have gone further if the Lord had not picked me up and set me free. I had a childhood where I never experienced Love from my father and never had any kind of relationship with him, because of the very big age gap. Though I had forgiven the past, I had never really forgotten it. And not to forget it means, to still live with the wounds of childhood. During these last nine months at sea, the Lord slowly led me, through His Spirit to areas which needed healing and forgiveness. With the Inner healing therapy, I was shocked to find things coming to my mind which I had never even thought would be a block to the Lord's blessings. I slowly began praying that the Lord would heal these areas of my life. When I returned home after nine months I realized that I had received a lot of release from the bondage of irritation and hurt and could love my father sincerely and not just as a duty….. Orville

  • I looked at my father as someone cruel, violent and uncaring when in fact it was the opposite… READ MORE

    It was sometime in 2003, I reached a stage in life when I was confused and felt life was meaningless. At the inner healing retreat a very clear picture of my childhood was painted: When I was in kindergarten, I had to spend the mornings in a crèche. This was because my parents worked the whole day, and I had afternoon school. I hated that environment and could not understand why my parents sent me there. I remember my dad dropping me off there every morning and I hated him for that. I felt rejected. He would also occasionally beat me (and also my brother). I remember this one day I came home from school by rickshaw instead of waiting for my dad to pick me up. When he finally came home he gave me a thrashing. I couldn't for the life of me understand what went wrong. I certainly didn't mean to waste money. This is one of many examples where my father beat me. Today I can justify everything he had done. And I know whatever he did was for my own good. However those acts still lead to me hating him. Those days transformed me from somebody calm to somebody stubborn, impatient and short tempered. I looked at my father as someone cruel, violent and uncaring when in fact it was the opposite.

    Before the retreat, these were nearly forgotten memories and silently eating away at my subconscious. I would rebel against my father for no apparent reason. I would blame my parents for my failures. Over the next couple of years I forgave my father. Once that process was complete, I began loving him. Things are excellent today and getting better.

    I was able to help others in the same way I had received help by making use of the forgiveness therapy that I learned. I was serving in a youth camp where a young man had a very similar problem with his dad, only much worse. Now he had a stammer and I guessed it was because of the fear his dad put into him. I explained to him this forgiveness therapy and made him do it. By the end of the camp his stammering stopped….Gerson

  • My dad died. I could not let go of him… READ MORE

    The retreat helped me realize that I had no love because my dad died and I never received love from my mother. I hated her and rejected her but clung on to my dad's soul and never let go of him, even though he was alcoholic and abused my mother physically. I was always sent away from home and felt rejected all the time. As I grew I hated her more and more as she prevented me from meeting my dad when he was taking his last breath in hospital. I was hurt and filled with hatred. I started going against her in every way possible. For the past 7 years I have hurt her with words every single day. I longed for love and fell into masturbation. I wanted to be like my dad, I wanted to feel his love so I told lies and stole money, but only from my own mother. I searched for love and got it from my boyfriend. I even had sex but never felt guilty. All my relationships began breaking because of my behavior. I was irritated, stubborn and snappy. I was totally broken, confused and lost. Through the retreat I received a new life. I experienced God's immense love and peace. He cured all my hurt and healed my wounds. He cleansed my body too (I have lost count as to how many people have molested me). I went home with these words from the Lord: "I love you, you are precious, I will never forsake you, and I have carved you on the palm of my hand. I will never leave you" (Ref: Isaiah 49:16)

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